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  Making Pendents for Cathedral Ceilings  

Pendants are handy. I use them to decorate coffered ceilings, for finials on posts, and for drops on corbels. Pendants are also perfect for terminating outside corners on cathedral ceilings.


Most of the time, I cut the crown molding so the blade zero's out at the short point, which produces a tip on the bottom of the ornament. But be sure to use a continuous crown stop while cutting the miters, or the miters won't be the same lengths!
After assembling the crown, build a mitered box that's 1/2 in. wider than the top of the crown molding, which will leave 1/4 in. of the box revealed after attaching the crown. Make the box from stock that's several inches taller than the crown molding, to allow room for the slope of the ceiling.


If the crown you're using for the pendant is small, you can also cut the pieces longer, and leave an opening at the bottom. Cut a camfered plug to fill the opening. After assembling the pendant, clamp it in a miter saw and cut the top at the angle of the ceiling.


I admit that pendants look a little clunky, and sometimes they don't fit in with the style of home at all. But I don't know any other solution for an outside corner on a cathedral ceiling. If you do, please let me know!
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