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  Fast-Acting Glue  
A new tool-free glue that's fast and dependable
By Derrell Day, a carpenter from Panama City, Florida who contributes frequently to the JLC Finish Carpentry Forum.
FastCap has recently introduced a revolutionary new fast-acting glue that sets in about 10-15 sec. and is virtually unbreakable. I cut miters on the ends of several pieces of baseboard about 4" long and no one’s been able to break
one yet, at least not without stomping them on the floor.
Fastcap’s 2P-10 is a two-part adhesive that’s really easy to use: The adhesive comes in a squeeze bottle and the activator is in an aerosal can (it’s available in a squeeze bottle, too). Glued miter returns are done in about 15 seconds with no visible glue line.
2P-10 comes in a medium viscosity for melamine and smooth surfaces, or thick for raw wood-to-wood. There’s also a gel for heavier applications. But be very careful about what you glue with this stuff—AND WATCH YOUR FINGERS!! Do not get this glue on your pencil then put the pencil behind your ear. There is a slight learning curve when using this glue, and if you aren't careful you can become a part of your work. A debonder is available and probably a good investment.
2P-10 is a CA type adhesive, but has acidic stabilizers added to compensate for the highly acidic nature of wood. Those stabilizers are not typically found in CA glues. And as for the typical type of white residue left behind by other CA adhesives, I’ve seen no evidence of it with 2P-10. I’ve used this stuff on MDF and various woods. I’ve noticed no outgassing, and though the product seems a little pricey, I’ve been using the same 8oz. bottle of the thick 2P-10 since April, and it’s still half full. What I’ve saved in time far outweighs the cost of the glue.
In fact, I haven’t touched a miter clamp since I started using this glue. I apply the glue to one side of the joint and spray the activator directly onto the glue. At first I sprayed the activator on the opposing piece as per the manufacturer’s instructions, but I found applying the activator to the glue REALLY sped things up. (Yes, I’m obsessive about time….) I’ve been able to narrow down the open time to about 5-8 sec.

I do mostly stain grade work and this glue has been remarkable for every application. It even works when immediately applied to joints that have just been stained. At my miter table I keep a stain pot and brush so as soon as I make a cut I stain it with the brush, wipe off the stain with a rag and immediately glue the joint. I haven’t experienced any joint failure, ever. But part of the learning curve is getting the parts aligned quickly and holding them together tightly, while simul-taneously "rolling" your fingers a little to prevent accidental flesh-to-wood adhesion. And in my work there’s plenty of opportunity for that--especially when I'm gluing up 22 1/2 degree wall returns, which I'm able to nip in only 15 seceonds.
The glue completely cures in 30sec. when you apply the activator. If you need a little more open time, don't use the applicator. As for shelf life, I've had the product for about 3 months, and it’s stored in my trailer (which reaches about 120-130° during the day!). I’ve seen no change in the glue. The manufacturer claims that 2P-10 has been tested in a 5-year environmental chamber with extreme temperatures, hot and cold, with no adverse effects.

You can get the glue from HGH Hardware in Birmingham, Al. Ask for Terry. You should order the 8oz. bottle of 2P-10 and a 12oz. bottle of Activator, or you can purchase a Solo kit which contains a can of activator and a 2 oz. bottle of glue if you want to give it a try first. But take my word for it, this is the good stuff, guys! No more clamps, pin nailing, glue squeeze out or mess.

(HGH Hardware 800-277-8888).

Fastcap 2P-10 solo
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