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  Bending Hinges  

The Spread

To move the door away from the hinge jamb, spread the hinges. Hold a nailset or cold chisel TIGHTLY against the barrel of the hinge, then close the door GENTLY on the nailset once or twice. This will SPREAD the leaves of the hinge apart. But don't pull on the door too much or you'll yank the hinge screws right out of the door.

The Squeeze

To move the door closer to the hinge jamb, squeeze the hinge. Drive the hinge pin up until it's engaging only the top two barrels. Adjust a Crescent Wrench so that it's snug against the hinge barrel that's ATTACHED TO THE DOOR (hinges have two leaves, one attached to the door, one attached to the jamb, you want to move the door, not the jamb, so place your wrench on the barrel that's atached to the door). Then bend the hinge barrel TOWARD the LOCKSET--the movement is counter-intuitive--but once the hinge pin is drive back into the hinge, the door will move back toward the hinge jamb.
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