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  Miter Clamps  
For finish carpenters who care about their work, miter clamps are essential hand tools. They ensure tight fitting miters in casing, crown, and panel molding.

There are two types of miter clamps. Ulmia clamps (on left) are available from several catalogues ( www.garrettwade.com).

A lighter-duty set of spring clamps (on right) is made by the Collins Tool Company (www.collinstool.com).

The Ulmia clamps come in two sizes and are manufactured from spring steel. These heavy-duty pinchers, with sharp, chisel-cut points, grab ferociously and leave a like-size mark. There are few times when I find the need for these aggressive clamps.

For most work, the lighter-duty, less expensive, and easier to use Collins Clamps are more suitable. And because they have sharp needle-points, these clamps leave tiny marks — smaller than an 18ga brad nail.
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