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  Miter Saw Extension Wing with Kreg Stop and SawHelper Couplers  
I just glued and nailed the hardwood edging to the top, though pocket screws would have been better.
Without the dado and track, the leg would scissor. With the dado and track, only one knob is needed.
All the Kreg parts are listed above.
A second knob secures the sliding fence. I had to grind down the t-bolts so that they'd fit and slide easily in the track.
The SawHelper coupler attaches with through-bolts. Counter sink the heads flush with the top. The edging must be removed from around the coupler.
I mounted my couplers back, and had to drill holes through the top for the lugs. The holes penetrate the 1/2 in. edging, which leaves the edging delicate. Some carpenters slide the coupler forward, so the lug holes clear the edging, as shown above.
The coupler drops down on the lug plate, which is attached to the saw. I drilled holes through the very ends of the on-board extension wings on both my 12 in. and my 10 in Bosch Slide Saws. The extension wings aren't the best place to secure the wings. They flex with the wings attached, even when retracted. See other ideas for mounting the extension wings to the saw stand.
Attaching the lug plate and two base plates to the saw is the most confusing part of the installation.

The two base plates can be rotated and raised or lowered in a variety of ways, which makes it easy to adjust the height and lateral position of the lug plate. I gave up on reading the instructions or trying to use left-hand and right-hand base plates. I simply attached the base plates so that they would work. Remember, you don't want the accessory Kreg fence flush with the miter saw fence. To prevent binding, the accessory fence should be at least 1 in. back from the miter saw fence.


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