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  Customizing an AD & E saw Stand  
by Scott Dornbusch & Danny Staples
For those who have an American Design and Engineering Saw Helper saw stand, here's a few ways to set the stand up for a Bosch 4412 without sacrificing the built-in sliding tables (which are useful when you have to cut only one or two short pieces of material!).
The trick is to mount the AD & E extension wings to the stand and NOT to the saw.
All it takes is a little welding.
But sure to allow enough room for the built-in extention tables to slide out.
When I transport my stand, I just fold it up like I always have. Sure, the extension supports hang out a little on each side, but hey, if you've got a better idea, let's hear it!
Scott Dornbusch is a frequent contributor to the JLC Finish Carpentry Forum and works hard at carpentry (to stay warm) in North Branch, Minn.
Danny Staples came up with another good idea for customizing an AD & E stand.
He also decided against mounting the extension wings right to the saw. Instead, he flanked the saw with two hollow boxes, then mounted the AD & E couplers to the boxes.
The lids on each box hinge open, providing a good spot to store flip stops, crown stops, pencils, maybe even a cordless pencil sharpener?
Danny Staples works in the Reno/Tahoe area, and spends a lot of time installing cabinets
Harvey Raufman also mounted bracket-boxes to his Ryoby saw stand (too bad they don't make those anymore!), then used AD & E couplers to attach home-made extension wings.
Harvey made adjustable legs, too. Boy they look mighty familiar...But don't miss noicing that Kreg Bench Clamp!
Harvey Raufman is a finish carpenter and cabinet maker in Corinth, NY.
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