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Vists....Northland Forest Products
Shakopee, MN

Dick Pyle and his employees at Northland Forest Products were excellent hosts for a recent Roadshow in Shakopee, MN, near Minneapolis. Dick Pyle owns the company and took the entire audience (over 100 finish carpenters and contractors) on a tour of his plant.




The NFP team secured the area around the machinery, then fired up the rough mill to begin the S4S process for hardwood lumber.


NFP primarily processes hardwood lumber to S4S boards. They also finger joint poplar and alder. Making 16' single joint alder boards is one of their specialties. NFP distributes to dealers all over the US, but especially in the Twin Cities and Chicago area. The first stop for a piece of rough sawn lumber is the double helical-head Northfield planer. This planer prepares the lumber for the scanning process.



Continuous flow is acheived through the strategic placement of machines and material handling. This allows lumber to move quickly and efficiently from machine to machine.



After being scanned, ripped to width, and chopped to length, the boards are sent through a Timesaver 237 KAIC Planer/Sander.



The boards are sorted after the final sanding process.


As a special treat: Vince Fournier, design specialist,
demonstrated a six-head Weinig 23E Moulder.

The Katz Roadshow crew and the audience at the NFP event thank Dick and his team for being such generous hosts.




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