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  Davis-Hawn Lumber  

We recently did a Roadshow in Dallas, TX at Davis-Hawn Lumber. They cater to a lot of finish contractors and carpenters, and make custom moldings and architectural ornaments.

The folks there were really great to work with. All the customers who came in for the show knew the names of the store manager, the counter sales people, the yard guys, and the owner, too. That's always a good sign!

While we were there, I found some nice details in their showroom...AND...we shot a video of them cutting a decorative beam end (see below!).I also found a few nice details in their showroom (scroll down farther).



The showroom wainscoting is all red oak, the door is fir. I liked the wainscoting style, the plate rail height, the panel sizes. But especially the back band and plinth block.


The combination of the backband and plinth block resolved both problems that typically occur with wainscoting installed on top of drywall (I talked about this in my Wainscoting dvd, too).

Here they kept the plinth block almost at the same height as the baseboard, but thick enough to allow for full coverage of the base. The backband resolves into the top of the plinth, which is a handsome look (that's one of Jed Dixon's favorite words--handsome, and a good one!).

I know the back-cut on the shoe is bothersome, and yeah, it would have been nice to avoid the shoe, completely, huh?



A plate rail doing it's job!

Here's a detail that Jim Chestnut taught me about. Using a router bit to return
bullnose sills, rather than a self-return. The end-grain looks natural and...


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