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Wainscoting and Paneling: Program 8
Advanced Techniques
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With more than two hours of hands-on video, in Program 8-Advanced Techniques, Katz and Dixon team up for a tough subject. They begin with installing skirt boards which form the foundation for wainscoting. Learn how to install skirt boards at the proper pitch and the whole project is easier. Transition style layout is next, with a simple method for ensuring that all miters align, from the skirtboard, to the bottom rail, to the top rail. Afterward, using basic shop tools, they cut perfect cope & stick joinery, and avoid multiple acute-angle miters. Finally, Dixon demonstrates a time-tested method for making raised panels on the table saw.

These programs cover the following:

  • Installing skirt boards
  • Raked stile and rail layout
  • Raked panels layout
  • Cutting raised panels on the table saw
  • Faster cope and stick joinery
  • Working with handrail height

Bonus Special Features Include!

  • Wainscoting on stairs: a Sketchup Tutorial
  • Wainscoting on radius walls: a slide show
  • Hunting Miters: a conversation

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