A comprehensive educational community devoted to trim carpentry, finish carpentry and architectural millwork. Hosted by nationally recognized author and finish carpentry specialist Gary M. Katz.
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Wainscoting and Paneling: Program 7
The Fundamentals
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The Mastering Finish Carpentry series continues with a subject that fits every home and every architectural style: Wainscoting and Paneling. With his usual thorough and comprehensive attention to detail, Gary Katz has divided the subject of wainscoting into a two-part series, Program 7—The Fundamentals, and Program 8—Advanced Techniques.

These programs cover the following:

  • Measuring techniques using hi-tech tools
  • Two-rule layout system
  • Corner designs and durable joinery
  • Solving casing & baseboard problems
  • Alternative layouts and panel placement
  • Pocket hole assembly
  • Domino mortise and tennon joinery
  • Scribing, cutting, and fitting frames
  • Cross-cutting wide panels
  • No-mold and traditional panel molding design
  • Making raised panels on a router table
  • Scribing and fitting chair rail
  • Pilasters & tall panels
  • Creative Craftsman styles

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