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The Doorhanger's DVD: Program 9 and 10
Hanging a New Door in an Old Jamb and Installing Prehung Doors
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The Mastering Finish Carpentry series continues with professional in-depth instruction on hanging and installing doors. Finish carpentry specialist, Gary Katz has divided the subject into two programs and both are included in this double DVD set.

Program 9: Hanging a New Door in an Old Jamb covers:

  • step-by-step instruction for replacing an existing door without removing the jamb
  • a demonstration of how to scribe a door to fit even the worst out of level and bowed jamb
  • simple methods for ensuring that the hinges are installed in the proper direction

Program 10: Installing Prehung Doors covers:

  • how to prepare the rough opening properly before installing the door
  • how to maintain even reveals between adjoining doors, windows, and walls
  • how to adjust a jamb so that hinge, head, and strike gaps are consistent and sized properly

With video, photographs, and drawings, this program includes instruction on three types of prehung doors: bald jambs, cased jambs, and metal jambs.

Bonus Special Features Include!

  • Hinge Templates—a review
  • Boring Jigs—a review
  • Installing Lock Strikes
  • making your own Templates
  • Door benches—plans and designs
  • making a door hook

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