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  hidden television  
We were talking about televisions above mantels. I shot these pictures at the IBS show. I'll add more information on this later, but I was too excited about the possibilites and couldn't wait to share these pictures.
Notice how the trim is butt jointed with eased edges all the way around the bookcase.
As she begins to open the case (with one finger), the bottom and top rails fold out, the stiles fold in.
The case pivots on the heaviest pair of arms I've ever seen. Wheels support the weight, so that it's not cantilevered much at all.
There you can see the arms.
The stiles and rails fold back into position as the unit closes. The depth of the case was about 20 in.
The hardware is made by Reverisca. Check out their website and their video.
Also, here's an interesting thread about the hardware on the JLC Finish Carpentry Forum.
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